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Previously Owned Knives
Good Knives Flintknap; 4.75 inch 'flintknapped' damascus blade, 9.5 inch OAL, crown stag handle with leather wrap.
Benchmark Rolox Viper; Micarta scales, 2.5 inch blade length, 6.5 inch OAL.

Michael Zieba G2 Flipper; 3.5 inch ZDP-189 blade, titanium body, framelock. 8 inch OAL, 2.75 ounces.

Isidore and Xavier Small Balisong; 1 inch kiridashi blade, 4.75 inch OAL, stainless steel body, sheath included.
Walter Erickson Micarta Balisong; bowie blade, stainless steel handles with ivory micarta insets
Benchmade 62
Benchmade 63; Pre-production #39
Benchmade 63; Pre-production #56
Benchmade 67
Benchmade 43; 4 inch 440c bowie blade, titanium handles.
Benchmade 44
Benchmade 46 MC D2
Benchmade 35
Benchmade 35SPL; 3 inch 440c blade, stainless steel handles. Special edition for
Pacific Cutlery 69
Benchmade 41SS; 4 inch D2 recurve spearpoint blade, 9.25 inch OAL, stainless steel handles, zen pins, spring latch

Microtech Troodon D/A OTF; 3 inch S35VN blade, 7.5 inch OAL, aluminum body.

Ray Richard Fighter: 5 inch forged saw steel blade, 10.75 inch OAL, cocobolo handle.

MacWasil Knives Damascus Front Flipper; 3.5 inch N690 + Nitro B Balbach stainless damascus blade, 8 inch OAL, titanium liners, Honduran burl scales, carved pocket clip, 3.75 ounces. One of my favorite carry knives, just a pleasure to use!

Jeff VanderMeulen Double Homicide Flipper; 4 inch blade, 10.5 inch OAL; titanium liners, ivory scales, zirconium bolsters and pocket clip. This is a HUGE knife!

Tom Mayo TNT; 3.75 inch Talonite blade, 8.6 inch OAL, titanium body. Classic flat-handled Mayo, incredible precision at 3.75 ounces! A perfect EDC

Darrell Ralph Krait Automatic; leaf spring auto, black coated blade without the ever-present cut-outs, mastodon ivory scales

Peter Rassenti Integral '3.5' SNAFU Flipper; 3.25 inch CTS-XHP blade, 8.25 inch OAL, one-piece carved titanium body, carved pocket clip. Flips perfectly and with authority. Slim, perfect carry also!

Jerome Hovaere Integral 'Solaris'; 3.5 inch blade, 8.25 inch OAL, one-piece titanium body. Carved pocket clip.

Pacific Cutlery Kris; 4 inch kris blade, 9 OAL, brass handles, fossil ivory scales. Sterile
Pacific Cutlery Kris; 4.75 inch kris blade, 10.5 OAL, aluminum handles. Sterile and unsharpened
Pacific Cutlery Damascus Bowie; 4 inch damascus blade with sharpened clip, stainless steel handles with black micarta scales.

Marty Young Timascus and Damascus Folder; 3.9 inch Chad Nichols damascus blade, timascus body, 9 inch OAL.

Chuck Gedraitis Small Marauder; 3 inch Rob Thomas herringbone damascus blade, 7.25 inch OAL, titanium body. Damascus back spacer and pocket clip. At 3 ounces it is a wonderful EDC

Don Fogg Utility: 5.5 inch forged, clay tempered blade, 10.25 inch OAL, blood wood handle.

Al Mar Sere; Lockback, 4.25 inch blade, 10 inch OAL, wood scales, just over 11 ounce weight!

Brad Zinker Large Damascus Flipper; 5 inch Rob Thomas Fireball damascus blade, titanium body, framelock. 11 inch OAL. Weighs in at 3.8 oz and is as sturdy as a folder twice its weight!

Andre deVilliers Mini Butcher Flipper; 2.75 inch S35VN blade, titanium body, framelock. 7 inch OAL.

Microtech Whaleshark; Flipper, 3.5 inch 154-cm blade, 8.5 inch OAL, G10 body.

Microtech Anax; 3.75 inch blade, titanium integral body, 8.75 inch OAL.

Amanda Guinn Balisong; Stainless steel body, ATS-34 blade.

Taylor Guthook Balisong

Benchmade 42
Benchmade 45

Jason Williams at the McHenry Forge, This is an early example of one of Americas youngest Knife Guild members made in the late '80s. A one hand fighter, liner lock coffin design, 3.5 inch D2 blade, 8 inch OAL, nickle bolster with scallop thumb release, polished burlwood scales. Scroll design file work on blade and spine. Inside the liner is more file work, "J W 38" & an ivory insert blade rest. Setscrew is filed JW initials. # 38

Microtech Hawk; coil spring automatic, 4 inch 154-cm blade, 8.5 inch OAL, aluminum body.

Pabu Knife Balisong; stiletto blade made from file, wood scales
Ron Miller Aluminum Balisong; 3.75 inch blade, aluminum handles, wood scales.
Walter Erickson Double Inset Balisong: 4 inch bowie blade with false edge, stainless steel handles with double wood insets
Chroma Chef Knife;

George Muller Warthog Tusk Flipper; 3.25 inch Sanvik 12C27 blade, 7.8 inch OAL, titanium body with warthog tusk scales.

CRKT Swindle; 3.25 inch blade, 7.5 inch OAL. Stainless steel body. A great flipper and carry knife!

Joel Chamblin Version Flipper; 3.5 inch CPM-154 blade, 8.2 inch OAL, titanium liner, ironwood scales and carved pocket clip. Flips incredibly, with a perfect release! Another of my favorite EDCs!!

Balibalistic Bowie Balisong; 3.75 inch blade, OAL 9 inch, 5.4 ounce weight, titanium handles, beautifully carved pockect clip.
Balibalistic Bowie Balisong; 4 inch blade, OAL 9.5 inch, 5.15 ounce weight, titanium handles with carbon fiber inserts, beautifully carved pockect clip.
Coordinal Flipper Clone; 3.75 inch D2 blade, 8.75 inch OAL, titanium frame, pocket clip. Even though a Chinese made clone, an incredible carry!

Jerome Hovaere Integral Wharncliff; 3.5 inch blade, 7.75 inch OAL, one-piece titanium body. Carved pocket clip.

George Muller 'LL-EE' Flipper; 3.25 inch damasteel blade, 7.8 inch OAL, titanium body with damasteel bolsters and mammoth tooth scales. Damascus pocket clip, IKBS bearings.

Strider PT; 3 inch blade, 6.5 inch OAL, titanium frame and G10 scales. Pocket clip.

Microtech MUDT; 2.75 inch ATS-34 blade, 6.5 inch OAL, aluminum body, rubber insets. 1.8 ounces!

Benchmade 32; 3 inch D2 blade, anodized and engine-turned titanium liners with G10 scales, spring latch & pocket clip.

Microtech Socom D/A; 4 inch 154-cm tanto blade, 9 inch OAL, aluminum body, plunger release with liner lock, 5/99

Geof Dumas Balisong; 4 inch CPM 154 blade, 9.75 inch OAL, titanium body with G10 inserts.

Will Moon Mark 7 Flipper; 3.25 inch CPM154 blade, 8.5 inch OAL, titanium body with kirinite inlays. Anodized titanium block pocket clip with blue anodized backspacer. Flips perfectly and is a great cutter.

Derrick Wulf Utility; 5 inch 1084 blade, 9.8 inch OAL, ivory micarta scales.

Microtech Socom D/A; 4 inch 154-cm clip point black partially serrated blade, aluminum body, plunger release with liner lock, 6/98

Randy Doucette Outlaw Flipper; 4 inch S30V blade, 9 inch OAL; titanium frame, carbon fiber scales, pocket clip. Flips incredibly smooth!

Jason Cutter Eastern Firestorm; 5.5 inch damascus blade, 11.75 OAL, 7.6 ounces.
Mauricio Dobruski Charlie Balisong; S30V recurve tanto blade, titanium body and grooved G10 scales. C010

John Gray Perversion Flipper; 3.5 inch blade, titanium body, framelock. 8 inch OAL. A great carry, nice useable blade!

Microtech Damascus Mini Socom; 3.25 inch damascus blade, 7.25 inch OAL, aluminum body.

Butch Ball Skorpion Flipper; 3 inch san mai damascus blade, 7.75 inch OAL, titanium body with damascus bolsters and pearl scales. Bearing flipper and a wonderful knife!

William Henry Auto; Button release with safety, 3 inch ZDP-189 blade, 7 inch OAL, stainless steel body with carbon fiber scales.
Buck/Cumberland Mountain 110 Auto Conversion: leaf spring auto, 3.5 inch blade, 8.75 inch OAL, wood inserts

Microtech Chameleon; D/A OTF leaf spring automatic, 3.5 inch bead blasted blade, 8 inch OAL, kraton inserts, aluminum body. Release is under the clip.#319, 4/96

AG Russell One handed knife; mastodon ivory scales, 3 inch cowry damascus blade, 7 inch OAL

Matthew Lerch D/A Auto

Peter Rassenti Nirvana; 3 inch blade, 7.25 inch OAL, one-piece carved titanium body, carved pocket clip. At 4.25 ounces a great carry.

Jeff Harkin Shard; trap door release auto. 4 inch Devin Thomas Raindrop damascus blade, 9 inch OAL. Handles are hand rubbed and beadblasted 416 stainless, engraved by Jeff with his "cracked" finish. Screw and backspacer are gold plated.

Chris Owen Damascus Hunter: 6 inch damascus blade, 11 inch OAL, nickle silver guard with a curly maple handle, silver wire inlay.
Jens Schiermer(JJS) Integral Hunter: 6 inch D2 blade, 11.5 inch OAL, stag handle.
Darrel Ralph Stiletto D/A Automatic; leaf spring double action bolster release; 4.75 inch 440 V double ground blade with blood groove and holes; anodized titanium body with integral back bolsters, stag scales; one of three prototypes Darrel made for this model.

Frank Fischer Commander Flipper; 3.75 inch blade, titanium body, framelock. 8.25 inch OAL. Carbon Fiber Scales. A really beautiful grind on this also! Virtually perfect.

Chuck Gedraitis Balisong; 4 inch 1095 blade, 8.75 inch OAL, titanium liners with stacked leather scales, pocket clip. Ball detent latch, carved backspacers and screws.
Chuck Gedraitis Balisong; 4 inch O-1 blade, titanium liners with jigged bone scales, pocket clip. An interesting split-latch design

Mark Roe Combat Utility; 3 inch damascus blade, 7.5 inch OAL, micarta scales. Sawby Self Lock. Mark Roe purchased the Pack River Knife Co. from Steve Mullin. This knife was made in the Sawby shop under Scott's supervision.

Grimsmo Norseman Framelock Flipper; 3.75 inch RWL-34 blade, 8.75 inch OAL; titanium handles, pocket clip. A great flipper and EDC!

Phil Boguszewski King Cobra Liner Lock Folder; 4.25 inch damascus blade, 10 inch OAL; Giraffe bone scales, pocket clip. Opens perfectly smooth!

Ruffin Johnson Big Bad Wolf Lock Back; 3.75 inch 440c blade, 8.75 inch OAL, black ash burl scales, file work

Benchmark Rolox Sidewinder; Stag scales, 2 inch blade length, 5 inch OAL.
29 Knives Damascus Latchless Balisong; 3.5 inch damascus blade, OAL 7.75 inches, ironwood scales

Scott Sawby Folding Dagger; 3 inch blade, 7.5 inch OAL, bone insets with engraved bolsters. Sawby Self Lock. Incredible, one of the very best!

Frank Fischer LS-2 Flipper; 3.75 inch blade, titanium body, framelock. 8.75 inch OAL. Carbon Fiber Scales. A really beautiful grind, and a superb pocket clip!

Bill King Persian Folder; 3.25 inch ATS-34 blade, 7.5 inch OAL. Mokume bolsters and mastodon ivory scales, liner lock.

Pacific Cutlery Balisong; 4 inch bowie blade; brass body; black micarta scales. Note that the logo is stamped on the blade.

Chris Reeves Sebenza; damascus blade, custom face

Les George Balisong; 4.75 inch Eggerling damascus blade, steel body with mastadon ivory scales. Damascus latch & pocket clip.
Larry Davidson Strider Balisong; Titanium body, 3.5 inch bead blast blade, 9 inch OAL. 
Stan Wilson Damascus Balisong; 3.75 inch damascus hawkbill blade, OAL 8.25 inches, titanium body, burlwood scales. Spring release latch, pocket clip.
Terry Guinn Ring Fighter; Titanium body, 4.5 inch S30V blade, 10.5 inch OAL, pocket clip. Made in collaboration with EDC Knives. #009. 
Pabu Knife Balisong; hollow ground damascus blade, bone scales

Microtech Dragonfly Balisong; 3.5 inch 154-cm blade, aluminum body.

Knivfabriken Gnos Jo balisong. 3.5 inch blade, 8.25 OAL, aluminum body.

Pandayan Blades; Filipino 2 inch blade, 5.3 inch OAL

FHM; 4 inch blade

FHM; 3 inch blade

Ruffin Johnson Model T Lock Back; 3 inch 440c blade, 7.25 inch OAL, giraffe bone scales, file work

Allen Elishewitz Mars D/A Auto; #12

Peter Carey Rubicon Flipper; 4.5 inch blade, 10.25 inch OAL, carbon fiber scales. A HUGE knife, though incredibly smooth!

Strider/Starlinger Custom SMF; 3 inch mirror polished blade, 7 inch OAL, wood scales, engraved blade and file worked. #022

Microtech Mini Socom Elite; single action automatic, 3.5 inch 154-CM blade, aluminum body, grip tape insets.

Microtech Halo/AP; 4 inch 154-cm blade, 9.5 inch OAL, aluminum body. 6/98

Microtech Halo III; 4 inch 154-cm black coated blade , 9.5 inch OAL, aluminum body.

Microtech LCC D/A; 3.5 inch 154-cm blade, green micarta scales

Microtech Vector; coil spring automatic, 3 inch 154-cm blade, 7.25 inch OAL, aluminum body with winewood inserts.

Microtech Socom Elite Custom; single action automatic, 3.75 inch 14-4CrMo blade, aluminum body, ray skin insets, high polish blade.

James Brothers Sandshark D/A OTF; 4 inch blade, 9.5 inch OAL, aluminum body

Dalton Ranger; OTF, 3.5 inch blade, 10.5 inch OAL, aluminum body. 
Kershaw Boa; speed safe opening, 3.5 inch S30V blade, 8.25 OAL, titanium body with liner lock. 
Kershaw Bump; speed safe opening, 3.5 inch S30V blade, 8.25 OAL, titanium body with frame lock. 

Benchmark Rolox Diamondback; Wood scales, 3 inch blade length, 7.5 inch OAL.

Benchmark Rolox Viper; Demo model, clear plastic scales, 2.5 inch blade length, 6.5 inch OAL.

Benchmark Rolox Viper; Wood scales, 2.5 inch blade length, 6.5 inch OAL.

Benchmark Rolox Sidewinder; Black Micarta scales, 2 inch blade length, 5 inch OAL.

Benchmark Rolox Sidewinder; Ivory micarta scales, 2 inch blade length, 5 inch OAL.

Rekat Sifu;  Bladeforums Edition. ATS-34 5 inch blade
Gerber Paul; 2.5 inch blade, stainless body, micarta scales, Paul lock. 
Don Fogg Shiv: 5 inch forged, clay tempered blade, 10 inch OAL, cord wrap. 
J. Neilson BFH-2: 5 inch forged convex grind 5160 blade, 10.25 inch OAL, leather wrap handle. 
Ed Caffrey EBK; 3 inch blade, 1084 steel, 6.5 inch OAL
Rick Lowe Utility Knife; 2.25 inch forged 5160 blade with curly tambootie scales, 6.75 OAL
Dan Peterson Mastersmith Fighter; 10.25 inch three bar damascus blade, OAL 15.75 inch
Butch Vallotton 'California Clip Hunter'. A rare fixed blade from the master of the automatic knife!
Ken Steigerwalt Fighter; rare fixed blade fighter by a master of the folder! Ivory scales
Ken Steigerwalt Hunter; rare fixed blade hunter by a master of the folder! Stag and Burl scales
Ken Steigerwalt Dagger; rare fixed blade dagger by a master of the folder! Wood scales
Ken Steigerwalt Coffin Handled Bowie; 10 inch blade, 15.5 OAL. Not the type of blade Ken makes these days! 
Ken Davis Maple/Humpback Skinner;
3.75 inch Chuck Hawes chain damascus blade 3/16 stock, nickel silver guard, amboynia burl spacer, tiger stripe maple, Joe Henry custom sheath
Ken Davis Ironwood Hunter;
4" ATS-34 blade. 9 inch OAL. Mokume bolsters, ironwood scales.
Fancy cape buffalo sheath
The RKS Third Club Knife Issue, RKS3:
From the Randall Knife Society Web Site;
This knife was first offered to the membership in 1997. 860 knives were made. 
The 5-3/4 inch blade is a slightly smaller version of the 1988 issue of the Randall 50th Anniversary Commemorative Knife, which had a 7-1/2 inch blade. Very similar in shape, blade wise, you will once again, see and feel, the strong influence of Bill Scagel on Bo Randall's early knives.
The 5-3/4 inch blade is of imported Swedish 01 tool steel and shows vividly the late 1930's shape of the early Randall blade. The brass guard is much smaller than what you would see, say on a Model 3, again showing an early Randall look.
Stag handle with a 9/ 16 inch (compass size) Randall Knife Society club medallion in the butt. 
The price was $320.00 (sold out)
Steve Mullin Pack River Knives Hunter; 3.5 inch damascus blade, wood handle, OAL 8.25 inches.
Jason Cutter Kozuka.
Jason Cutter Eastern Hunter.
REKAT/ Simonich Pikuni
Takeshi Saji Samurai; 5.5 inch Tasou-kou
laminate steel blade. 9.5 inch OAL, rattan wrapped handle
Steve Mullin Pack River Knives Fighter; 7.75 inch blade, sharpened false edge, micarta handle, OAL 13 inches.
Mick Langley Mastersmith Bowie; 5160 flat ground blade 5.25 inch, OAL 10.5 inch. Full tang with file work, carved nickel silver bolsters and beautiful stag scales.
Mick Langley Mastersmith Bowie; 1084 flat ground blade 5.5 inch, OAL 10.5 inch. Full tang with carved nickel silver bolsters and ebony scales.
Rob Patton Batwing; 4 inch damascus blade, 8.75 inch OAL. Polished stag scales, fully fileworked
Mike Zima Hunter; 3.5 inch mirror polished ATS-34 blade, OAL 7.75 inch. Stag Scales with carved buttcap. Rope file work on top of blade. An incredibly well made knife.
David Brodziak Chef Knife; 12 inch Garry Wood Damascus blade, Flame Mulga handles
Shinichi Watanabe Chef Knife; 8.25 inch blade. 13.25 inch OAL, cord wrapped handle
Butch Harner Chef Knife; 10 inch 154 CM blade, cocobolo handles and mokume bolster.

Glestain Gyuto; 10.5 inch blade. 15 inch OAL
Takeshi Saji Custom Chef Knife: San mai blade, stag scales
Japanese Petty Knife; Unknown maker, thick damascus blade
Pabu Knife Balisong; 4.25 inch hollow ground blade, wood scales.
Laci Szabo/ Fred Perrin Balisong; 2.75 inch curved blade, stainless steel handles, pocket clip. Signed by Laci

A.J. Hubbard Safety Folder; 3.75 inch blade, 8.25 inch OAL, steel body with wood scales. Engraved bolsters and guard.

Ken Onion 'Melee' Liner Lock Folder; 3.75 inch damascus blade, 8.75 inch OAL, titanium body and bolsters; burgundy micarta scales. Pocket clip, assisted opening.

Jeff VanderMeulen Mini Intro Linerlock Folder; 3.5 inch blade, 8 inch OAL; titanium handles with green G10 scales, pocket clip.

Yuna Knives 'Hard'; 3.5 inch Alabama damascus blade, 8 inch OAL, carbon fiber and G10 scales, titanium liners, liner lock. A great knife by a Thai maker!

Brad Zinker Titanium Wharncliff Folder; 3.5 inch ATS-34 blade, titanium body, framelock. 8.25 inch OAL. Weighs in at 1.6 oz and is as sturdy as a large folder!

Mikkel Willumsen Balisong; 3.5 inch rwl34 recurve blade, 8.5 inch OAL, carved titanium handles. Pocket clip

Grant & Gavin Hawk TOAD Folder; 3.5 inch damascus blade, 8.25 inch OAL; aluminum liners; burlwood scales. Pocket clip.

Boker Brend Design; 3.75 inch blade, titanium liner lock with G10 scales

Herbertz Micarta Balisong; 3.75 inch blade, 8.25 inch OAL, brass body with burgundy micarta scales. Really nice knife...too bad it says 'Butterfly Knife' across the blade!

Korth Mosquito; 2.5 inch S30V stainless steel blade, 6.25 OAL. The handles are titanium with G10 scales. IKBS (Ikoma Korth Bearing System) pivot. Pocket clip.
Pacific Cutlery High Hollow; 5 inch blade, stainless steel handles
Strider SMF CC; 3.75 inch blade, 9 inch OAL, titanium frame and Micarta scales. Pocket clip.
Audra Draper Turning Leaves Balisong; 3 inch Draper damascus blade, OAL 7.25 inches, titanium body with brass overlays, pocket clip.
Les Voorhies Damascus Balisong; 4 inch Eggerling damascus blade, 8.75 inch OAL, damascus body with ivory scales, G10 latch.

Microtech LUDT Coral; 3.5 inch ATS-34 blade, 8 inch OAL, aluminum body in coral color, rubber insets. 11/96

J.R. Cook Mastersmith Hunter; 3.25 blade, OAL 9 inch. Stag scales, stainless guard. A classic from this top Arkansas Master Smith.