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  We apologize to all omitted, this is just our little list to help out!
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Resources and Links
Purveyors Makers Favorite Sites

Arizona Custom Knives
A wide selection of some of the best knives available today.

Miami Nice Knives
Truly the next level of knives
One of the finest and most diverse selections on the net.
One of the true reference sites.

Triple Aught Designs
Great knives...Patrick is on the 'cutting edge'

Robertson's Custom Cutlery
The last word in tactical knives

True North Knives
Magnificent select knives

Pioneer Valley Knife and Tool
For production and automatic knives a great purveyor.
Josh has been around since the begining!

Morucutti Knife Shop
A knife shop in Austria since 1928 and an internet presence since 1997. THE source for European products.

Courty et Fils
French web site with really beautiful knives
and GREAT sword canes!

Stan Wilson Knives
Incredible custom folders.
Stan's folders are second to none! 

Dobruski Custom Knives
Some of the finest custom balisongs available today.
Folders and fixed blades of incredible quality! 

 Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate
My site of Kenpo Karate

My watch collection site

RecipePack Recipe Software
Recipe and kitchen management software.
Our own!

It changed the way we collect knives!
An incredible amount of information.

The Balisong Collector
A great encyclopedic web site for balisong enthusiasts

The French Balisong Site
You are/speak french ? 
This is THE site you need to learn and share whatever you want (manipulation, collection, knife making) about butterfly knives !

Balisong Extreme

Balisong Times
A great overall web site for swingers