P.J. Tomes (MS) Chef Knife

It's such a pleasure to use fine knives in the kitchen, and it's perplexing as to why more knife people don't allocate the resources to make the most of the opportunity we all have to actually *cut* with knives...

Myself, I relish in the fact that I get to use knives most of the day, and you bet it's gonna be a nice one!  :D

P.J. and I have been kicking around the idea of a really nice chef knife for about 8 years now...I see him every year at the Chesapeake show and have acquired several knives from him (including folders); then during the last Show I fell in love with this little number, and have been carrying it in the kitchen several days a week ever since.

This knife has such a great feel to it, cuts like a razor, holds a great edge and is easy to sharpen...that I had to go to the next level! Time for that Chef knife!!  :D

It is such a pleasure to work on a knife with a consummate professional. Everything went according to schedule; the drawings that were made and revised were carried over to the finished product spot on, and the knife was delivered even faster than I had hoped for!

Some specs are:

Blade length: 8.5"
Blade: forged 52100
Handle material: Walrus ivory
(BTW the blade was perfect when delivered, but I'm using it daily!)

Here is a pic of the two together

The ivory that P.J. picked out is as nice a piece as I've ever seen. The colors are vibrant and blend beautifully.  It's a stunning, massive piece of ivory!

The fit and finish on this knife (really on both  the large and small) is perfect.  They were made to be a pair, with modifications to the chef knife due to it's intended use. The bolster treatment is seamless and perfect, the edges that are to be handled are radiused (something many makers of custom kitchen knives miss), and both knives cut like crazy! 

(As an aside; note the Scagel mark on the small utility knife that P.J. Tomes has permission to use... )

To say I have several kitchen knives might be a bit of an understatement...but this Tomes chef knife is one of two that I own that get to the 'next level' of sharpness...the other being a Shigefusa gyoto.   P.J., I believe I told you about the Shigefusa and damned if you didn't come through!!

That being said, there is no other chef knife that I have *ever* handled that can come close to the Tomes chef knife in terms of not only fit & finish and aesthetic beauty; but comfort and ease of use during several hours of continuous cutting.

I don't believe P.J. gets on the forums much, but the man makes a hell of a knife.  IIRC he was also the first to make a two-bladed slippie with a single backspring!

And now he has made my favorite kitchen knife!  :)

Thanks for looking,