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Kitchen Knives II

Shigefusa Gyuto; 10.75 blade, 17 inch OAL, ho wood handle
Shigefusa Nakiri; 8.25 blade, 14.5 inch OAL, ho wood handle
Konosuke Kiritsuke Gyuto; 9 inch white #1 blade, 15.25 inch OAL, ebony handle
Konosuke Yanagiba; 10.5 inch white #1 blade, 16.75 inch OAL, ebony handle. An amazing slicer.
Masamoto Yanagiba; 10.25 inch blade, 16.5 inch OAL, ho wood handles
Gesshin Ginga Wa-Petty; 8 inch stainless steel blade, 13.5 inch OAL, Oval hoo wood handle
Kato Wa-Petty; 6 inch Shirogami clad with stainless steel blade, 10.75 inch OAL, Oval hoo and red pakka wood handle
Takeshi Saji Custom Sujiki: 10 inch San mai blade, 15.25 inch OAL, micarta scales. Made from a drawing faxed to the maker!
Shun Kramer Sujiki; 9 inch damascus clad SG2 blade, 15 inch OAL, cocobolo handle
Shun Kramer Serrated Slicer: 9 inch stainless damascus clad SG2 blade, 15 inch OAL, cocobolo handle
Shun Kanji Nakiri; 4.4 inch San mai blade, 9.5 inch OAL, micarta scales
Shun Kramer Paring Knife; 3 inch stainless damascus blade, 7.75 inch OAL, wood handle.
Misono Sujiki: 10.75 inch Swedish Steel blade, 15.5 inch OAL, wood scales
Takeshi Saji Deba: 8 inch Thick San Mai blade, 13 inch OAL, wooden handle with rattan wrapping.
Hoffritz Deba: 7.8 inch blade, 13.75 inch OAL, 11.75 ounces. A surprisingly good deba!
Sakai Masashige Usuba: 7.75 inch single bevel blade, 14 inch OAL. Wood handle with buffalo horn ferrule
Masahiro Gyuto; 9.5 inch blade, 14.5 inch OAL, wood scales
Masahiro Petty; 6 inch very thin blade, 10.5 inch OAL, wood scales
Masahiro Hankotsu; 6 inch blade, 10 inch OAL, wood scales
Sawby-Mullin Cleaver; 7.5 inch blade, 12.25 inch OAL. A very early example of a kitchen knife by two of the best knifemakers ever!
Chinese Cleaver; 7.75 inch carbon blade, 12.5 inch OAL. A very early kitchen knife for me.