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Kitchen Knives II

Petr Melicharek 'Fester' Gyuto; 8.5 inch damascus blade with O2 edge, 14 inch OAL, carved black locust burl handle with damascus bolster. This knife has to be seen to be believed!
Peter McKinley 'Hachidori' Gyuto; 9 inch 52100 blade, 15.5 inch OAL, red maple and rosewood handle with forged copper habaki. The saya with this knife is the best I've seen (you have to see the pictures).
Dave Martell Gyuto; 8.75 52100 blade, 14.25 inch OAL, wood handle. This is an awesome cutter.
John McCabe Kiritsuke Gyuto; 9 inch BS1407 blade, 14.25 inch OAL, thuya burl handle, integral construction. Incredible cutter with an almost perfect grind and edge! A beautifully made saya also.
Balete Blades (Sean Alonzo) Samurai Gyuto; 8.1 ATS-34 blade, 14 inch OAL, tapered brass bolster, Carabao Horn spacer, stabilized Amboyna burl handle with an encapsulated sculpture of a Samurai Kabuto Helmet in bullet shell brass, Katana in 99.9% pure silver, encapsulated in honey dyed Clear Epoxy Resin. Very cool!
HSC (Harbeer Chahal) Gyuto; 8.25 inch white #1 blade, 14 inch OAL, burl handle. Great lazer, gotta be careful with the extremely thin edge.
7th Dragon Knifeworks (Michael Kerley) Gyuto; 8.25 inch W2 s-grind blade, 13.75 inch OAL, padauk handle. This is a light but formidable cutter.
Mert Tansu Gyuto; 8.6 inch 52100 blade, 14.75 inch OAL, burl handle with walrus ivory bolsters. Great workhorse! Really nice saya by J. Garza.
Pablo Quaglino Gyuto; 7.5 inch O1 blade, 12.5 inch OAL, integral forged guard, lapacho handle.
Fujiwara Maboroshi Gyuto; 8 white #1 blade, 12.75 inch OAL, custom maple handle. Great knife!
Kurosaki Gyuto; 8.5 R2 blade with Shizuku (droplet) finish, 14.5 inch OAL, ho wood handle. Both in terms of fit and finish and cutting ability this is an awesome knife! Yu Kurosaki might be my favorite Japanese maker.
Shigefusa Gyuto; 10.75 inch blade, 17 inch OAL, wood handle
Kochi Gyuto; 9.5 inch V2 clad blade, 15.75 inch OAL, burnt chestnut handle.
Konosuke Kiritsuke Gyuto; 9 inch white #1 blade, 15.25 inch OAL, ebony handle
Kikuichi Gyuto; 8.25 inch AEB-L damascus steel blade, 14.25 inch OAL, rosewood handle. At 4.9 oz a very thin knife, great cutter.
Daovua Gyuto; 9.25 inch carbon steel (leaf spring) blade, 14.75 inch OAL, wood scales. Fit and finish is shaky but a great cutter!
Masahiro Gyuto; 9.5 inch blade, 14.5 inch OAL, wood scales
Shigefusa Nakiri; 8.25 blade, 14.5 inch OAL, ho wood handle
Konosuke Yanagiba; 10.5 inch white #1 blade, 16.75 inch OAL, ebony handle. An amazing slicer.
Masamoto Yanagiba; 10.25 inch blade, 16.5 inch OAL, ho wood handles
Petr Melicharek Sujiki: 9.75 inch damascus blade with O2 core, 16 inch OAL, carved Arizona ironwood handle with damascus and stainless steel ferrule. One of the most incredible knives I own.
Anryu Sujiki: 10.6 inch Aogami #2 Steel hammered blade, 16.75 inch OAL, wood handle with ebony ferrule. Stainless clad.
Takeshi Saji Custom Sujiki: 10 inch San mai blade, 15.25 inch OAL, micarta scales. Made from a drawing faxed to the maker!
Misono Sujiki: 10.75 inch Swedish Steel blade, 15.5 inch OAL, wood scales
Butch Harner Petty; 4.5 inch Eggerling damascus blade, 9.55 inch OAL, Blackpalm wood handle. Butch did an incredible job on this knife!!
7th Dragon Knifeworks (Michael Kerley) Petty; 6.5 inch 1095 s-grind blade, 10.75 inch OAL, handle is African blackwood, white G10, and quilted maple. Interesting and useful little knife, mainly due to it's height.
HSC (Harbeer Chahal) Petty; 7 inch ZWear blade, 12.5 inch OAL, lacewood handle with wenge ferrule. Super smooth cutter, long lasting edge!!
Shi.Han Petty; 8.25 inch 52100 steel hammered blade, 14 inch OAL, magnolia handle with horn ferrule. This is an awesome knife!!
Gesshin Ginga Petty; 8 inch stainless steel blade, 13.5 inch OAL, Oval hoo wood handle
Kato Petty; 6 inch Shirogami clad with stainless steel blade, 10.75 inch OAL, Oval hoo and red pakka wood handle
Masahiro Petty; 6 inch very thin blade, 10.5 inch OAL, wood scales
Takeshi Saji Pocket Chef; 5.25 inch R2 San mai blade, 11.25 inch OAL, stainless liners and G10 scales.
Takeshi Saji OniBoucho: 8 inch Thick San Mai blade, 13 inch OAL, wooden handle with rattan wrapping.
Hoffritz Deba: 7.8 inch blade, 13.75 inch OAL, 11.75 ounces. A surprisingly good deba!
Sakai Masashige Usuba: 7.75 inch single bevel blade, 14 inch OAL. Wood handle with buffalo horn ferrule
Masahiro Hankotsu; 6 inch blade, 10 inch OAL, wood scales
Sawby-Mullin Cleaver; 7.5 inch blade, 12.25 inch OAL. A very early example of a kitchen knife by two of the best knifemakers ever!
Shun Kramer Sujiki; 9 inch damascus clad SG2 blade, 15 inch OAL, cocobolo handle
Shun Kramer Serrated Slicer: 9 inch stainless damascus clad SG2 blade, 15 inch OAL, cocobolo handle. This is a really crappy knife, the serrations don't work. Really bad.
Shun Kanji Nakiri; 4.4 inch San mai blade, 9.5 inch OAL, micarta scales
Shun Kramer Paring Knife; 3 inch stainless damascus blade, 7.75 inch OAL, wood handle.
Chinese Cleaver; 7.75 inch carbon blade, 12.5 inch OAL. A very early kitchen knife for me.