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Peter McKinley 'Hachidori' Chef Knife; 9 inch 52100 blade, 15.5 inch OAL, red maple and rosewood handle with forged copper habaki. The saya with this knife is the best I've seen (you have to see the pictures). This is my favorite and most used chef knife.
PJ Tomes M.S. Chef Knife; 8.25 inch 52100 blade, 13.75 inch OAL, walrus ivory handle. This is probably my best made chef knife.
Randy Hass Kiritsuke Gyuto; 9.5 inch Devin Thomas 'Bird's Eye' stainless damascus blade with Haas damascus bolsters, 15 inch OAL, stag scales. This knife has just a great feel!
Thita Chef Knife; 7.5 inch ATS-34 blade, 13 inch OAL, burl handle, Eggerling damascus bolster and end piece. This knife gets incredible sharp for ATS-34; it is very thin behind the edge.
Robert Eggerling Kiritsuke Gyuto; 10.4 inch 12N20 blade, 14.75 inch OAL. Made by the master of damascus, this a wonderful knife to use, very comfortable in the hand.
Robert Erickson Gyuto; 8.75 inch 52100 blade, 14 inch OAL. A very thin, sharp, useable knife!
Robert Erickson Small Gyuto; 6.5 inch 52100 blade, 11.5 inch OAL. A very thin, sharp, useable knife also!
Daniel Rohde Paring Knife; 3.25 inch AEB-L blade, 7 inch OAL. Another original carved handle out of corian. An incredibly well made knife!
Daniel Rohde Chef Knife; 8 inch 52100 blade, 12 inch OAL. A very original carved handle out of beautiful ivory micarta.
Mark Roe Gyuto; 7.5 inch Roe feather damascus blade, 13.25 inch OAL, dyed box elder burl handle, black linen Micarta and nickel silver bolster
Audra Draper Chef Knife; 9 inch Draper damascus blade, 14.25 inch OAL, ivory micarta handle, mokume bolster
Audra Draper Lil' Brother; 5 inch Draper damascus blade, 9 inch OAL, ivory micarta handle, mokume bolster
Audra Draper Place Setting; Spoon and fork in Draper damascus...a really beautiful pair!
Seth Burton Chef Knife; 9.75 inch S90V steel blade, 14.5 inch OAL, carved Purpleheart wood handle. Mokume bolstes and mosaic pins.
Wusthof 'Newman' Chef Chef; 9 inch steel blade, 14 inch OAL. This knife ws traded for another knife in Paris!
Chroma Chef Knife;
Raymond Richard Slicer; 7.75 inch blade, 14.5 inch OAL, iron bolster
Rob Simonich Talonite Chef Knife; 9.75 inch Talonite full tang blade, 15 inch OAL, brown micarta scales
Russell Chef Knife; 12 inch stainless blade, 17.25 inch OAL, wood scales.
AG Russell Folding Chef Knife; 4.25 inch 8Cr14MoV Blade, 9.75 inch OAL, micarta scales, lockback
Dehillerin Honing Steel; 12.25 inch steel, 18.25 inch OAL, wood handle. Bought at Dehillerin in Paris in 1984
Rantanen 'Railroad Spike' Spatula; 13.75 inch OAL, forged from a railroad spike.
Doc Gundersen Chef Knife: O1 steel blade, ebony handles
Doc Gundersen Fillet knife: 7 inch O1 steel blade, 11.5 inch OAL, wood handle
Fred Rowe Fillet Knife: 5.5 inch damascus blade, 10.5 inch OAL, wood and stacked leather handle. A really great user!
Murray St Amour Fillet Knife: 6.5 inch S30V blade, 11.25 OAL, stag handle.
Tim Scholl Fillet Knife: 7 inch damascus blade, 12 inch OAL, Oosiac and stacked leather handle.
Long Fillet Knife: 7.5 inch 440C blade, 11.5 inch OAL, micarata
John Johnson Fillet Knife: 7 inch ATS-34 blade, 12 inch OAL, neoprene handle.
Dexter Fillet Knife: 7.75 inch replaceable blade, 12.25 inch OAL, wood scales. NOTE: This is actually an 'Adjustable Blade Mill Knife', but I used it as a fillet knife with great success!
John Wilson Chef Knife: 9.75 inch damascus blade, 15.25 inch OAL, Stacked leather handle. Very thick on the spine.
Daniel Koster Butcher Knife: 10 inch 1084 blade, 15 inch OAL, wood handle. Used this to split lobster at the restaurant!
Dexter Butcher Knife;
Nichols Slicer: 10 inch blade, 15.25 inch OAL, wood sales.
Forschner Slicer: 13.75 inch blade, 19 inch OAL, wood scales
Marks Slicer: 11.5 inch blade, 17 inch OAL, plastic handle
Ludwig Schiff Butcher Knife: 10 inch blade, 15.5 inch OAL, wood scales
Dexter Lamb Splitter; 11.75 inch carbon blade, 17.75 inch OAL, wood scales. A whopping 2 lb 6 oz weight!
Spyderco Serrated Utility; 8 inch blade, 13.5 inch OAL, rubber handle
Steve Mullin Hawkbill Paring Knife; 3 inch blade, 7.75 inch OAL, wood handle
Nogent Paring Knife; 2.6 inch carbon blade, 7 inch OAL
Thiers Serrated Paring Knife; 4.5 inch stainless steel blade.
Shun Kramer Paring Knife; 3 inch stainless damascus blade, 7.75 inch OAL, wood handle.
Lorenzi Prosciutto Knife; 8 inch blade, 12.5 inch OAL, wood scales
Lorenzi Parmesan Knife; 3.5 inch blade, 7.25 inch OAL, wood handle
Lorenzi Mezzaluna; 12 inch blade, wood scales
Montana Mezzaluna; 10.5 inch blade, wood scales
RJ Martin 'Chefs' Kozuka; 5.5 inch A2 blade, 9.75 inch OAL, kydex sheath with pocket clip. What a great kitchen carry!!