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Custom Automatics

Stan Wilson D/A Advisor; 3.5 inch stainless damascus blade and bolsters, 8.25 inch OAL, mastodon ivory scales. Totally hidden pins and invisible release button in the bolster, topped off with an incredible and flawless blade grind. Probably the most perfect knife in the collection.

Stan Wilson D/A Auto; Scale release, 3.25 inch damascus blade, 7.75 inch OAL. Titanium body with burlwood scales, leaf spring, liner lock.

Warren Osborne Auto; Lever release, 2.75 inch damascus blade, 6.5 inch OAL. Damascus body with pearl inserts, leaf spring, backlock.

Don Hanson Auto; 4.25 inch damascus blade, 9.5 inch OAL, damascus bolsters and mammoth ivory scales. Leaf spring lever release liner lock.

Allen Elishewitz Mars D/A Auto; 3.5 inch ATS-34 blade, 8.25 inch OAL, titanium frame with G10 scales. #7

Rainy Vallotton D & D Fantail; 4 inch Devon Thomas raindrop damascus blade, 8.75 inch OAL, ivory scales, anodized titanium body. D/A leaf spring button release liner lock.

Butch Vallotton Chameleon; D/A leaf spring automatic, 3.5 inch blade, 8 inch OAL, titanium liners, kraton scales with rubber inset. Firing button is under inset.